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Can You Shower With Fake Eyelashes On?

Are you wearing false lashes, and you want to take a shower, but you’re worried about ruining your lashes, or having them pop off?

Can you shower with fake eyelashes on? What can you do to make sure your fake eyelashes aren’t going to pop off in the shower? Keep on reading to find out…

Can You Shower With Fake Eyelashes On?

What Are the Different Types Of Fake Eyelashes?

From individual lashes for a subtle look to full strips for dramatic effect, the choices can be overwhelming.

You may find yourself wondering what the differences are between all these different types of fake eyelashes.

Individual lashes, also known as lash clusters or flares, usually come in sets of 60-80 and are applied one at a time.

These can be customized to match your natural lash length and thickness. If you’re after a more natural look without too much drama, these might just be your go-to choice.

Strip lashes are another popular option. As the name suggests, they come in one long strip that fits across your entire lash line.

They offer an array of styles from natural to dramatic and are perfect for adding instant glamour to any makeup look.

Mink lashes have taken the beauty industry by storm due to their luxurious feel and natural appearance.

Made from mink fur (don’t worry – it’s usually harvested humanely), these lashes offer unparalleled softness and realism.

Then we have new eyelash extensions – semi-permanent lashes adhered individually by a professional lash technician.

These last for weeks without needing removal or reapplication making them great for those who desire long-lasting results but have little time on their hands.

How To Properly Apply False Eyelashes?

It can be tricky at first, but with patience and practice, you’ll soon be able to apply false eyelashes like a pro.

Let’s break down this process step-by-step:

Steps Description
Step 1: Prep Your Lashes Before anything else, ensure your natural lashes are clean and free from mascara or any eye makeup.
Step 2: Trim the Lashes Most fake lashes come in a standard length that may be too long for your eyes. Make sure to trim them to fit your eye shape perfectly.
Step 3: Apply Lash Adhesive Apply a thin line of lash adhesive along the band of the false lashes. Wait about 30 seconds until it becomes tacky before application.
Step 4: Place the Lashes Using tweezers, place the lashes as close as possible to your natural lash line starting from the outer corner moving inward.
Step 5: Secure the Lashes Give them a gentle press with your fingers or a lash applicator tool to secure them in place.

Can You Shower With Eyelash Extensions?

Can You Shower With Fake Eyelashes On?

When it comes to showering with false lashes, there are a few things to bear in mind.

  • Avoid Direct Water Pressure: Ideally, try not to let the full force of the showerhead hit your face directly. The strong water pressure can loosen up the glue and cause your extensions to fall out prematurely.
  • Lukewarm Water is Better: Extreme temperatures may weaken the adhesive used for lash application. So, when getting your eyelash extensions wet, opt for lukewarm water instead of hot.
  • Pat Dry Gently: After showering, don’t rub or tug at your lashes as this could pull them out. Instead, gently pat dry with a clean towel or cotton pad.

While taking these steps will certainly go a long way in maintaining the life of your false eyelashes, they’re not foolproof methods.

It’s important to remember that just like natural lashes, false lashes are delicate, and you might need to reapply more lash glue, once you’ve finished in the shower, if you do notice they’ve started to pop off. 

Can You Shower With Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, you can shower with fake lashes on. However, there are specific strategies you need to follow to ensure your lash extension longevity.

To start off, try not to get your lash extensions wet for the first 24–48 hours after application.

This allows the adhesive used during the application process enough time to fully bond with your natural lashes.

As tempting as it may be, resist any urge of splashing water directly onto your face during this period.

Once that initial timeframe has passed, you’re free to enjoy your showers again.

When washing your face or taking a shower with fake lashes on, avoid using oil-based products around the eye area as these can break down the adhesive holding your lash extensions in place.

Instead, opt for gentle and oil-free cleansers.

While showering, it’s best if you don’t let hot water directly hit your lash extensions as this could weaken the bond of the adhesive over time and cause premature shedding of the extensions.

Also, remember not to rub or pull at them when drying off; gently patting dry is more than enough.

Does Water Damage Fake Lashes?

Water can potentially damage lash extensions, especially if they’re not cared for properly.

When you have fake lashes on and expose them to water, the bond that holds the extensions in place could weaken over time.

This is particularly true if you frequently shower with fake eyelashes on or swim without proper protective measures.

If the adhesive used to apply your lashes isn’t waterproof or if the lashes themselves aren’t designed to withstand moisture, they may begin to fall out prematurely or lose their curl and volume.

Here are several ways water can damage your lashes:

  • Repeated exposure: Continual exposure to water softens the adhesive bond, causing your lash extensions to loosen and potentially fall off.
  • High pressure: Powerful showers can hit your eyes directly forcing your extensions out of position.
  • Chlorine in swimming pools: The chlorine found in pool water can break down both the adhesive and the structure of synthetic lashes.
  • Steamy environments: Saunas or hot yoga classes create steam that can weaken lash adhesives over time.
  • Hard Water: Minerals found in hard water may cause build-up on your lashes, making them heavy and dull.

How To Keep Your Lashes Dry When You Shower

How To Keep Your Lashes Dry When You Shower

The first trick to keep your extensions intact is using protective eyewear, such as goggles.

You might feel a bit silly wearing goggles in the shower, but they’re incredibly effective at shielding your lashes from water and steam, which can cause your adhesive to weaken faster.

Next, consider investing in some lash-friendly beauty products that won’t harm or strip away the glue holding your extensions on.

This includes using oil-free cleansers and makeup removers as oil-based products can break down the adhesive used for lash extensions.

Avoid applying heavy creams or serums around your eyes as these can also affect the longevity of your extensions.

Be mindful of how you wash your face. Aim to gently cleanse around the eye area rather than vigorously scrubbing.

Scrubbing not only risks getting water on your lashes but also potentially tugging at them, which could lead to premature shedding.

Finally, remember that post-shower care is just as important if you want to protect your lashes. Gently patting (not rubbing) around the eye area with a clean towel helps avoid any unnecessary friction that could damage them further.

How To Wash Your Face In The Shower Without Damaging False Lashes

You can shower with fake eyelashes on without causing any damage to your lashes or lash adhesive. It’s all about the technique you use and the precautions you take.

Firstly, avoid direct contact with water on your eyes; this means keeping your face turned down or sideways when under the showerhead.

Then, using lukewarm water instead of hot is important because high temperatures can loosen up the adhesive that holds your false lashes in place.

When it comes to washing your face in the shower, select a gentle cleanser. Harsh soaps or facial washes may contain chemicals that deteriorate lash glue, leading to premature shedding of extensions.

Dab some cleanser onto your fingers and carefully work it around your face, avoiding the eye area as much as possible.

For removing makeup before taking a shower, opt for oil-free products since oils can break down eyelash glue, resulting in damaging false lashes.

Use cotton swabs dipped in makeup remover to gently clean around eyes without touching lashes directly.

After cleansing, pat dry your skin rather than rubbing it, which could potentially pull off the lashes inadvertently.

Also, remember not to use steam or sauna immediately after showering as these could also weaken lash adhesive, making them fall off easily.

Do Strip Lashes Pop Off If They Get Wet?

Strip lashes are a popular choice for those who want to add volume and length to their natural eyelashes. They’re easy to apply, relatively affordable, and can dramatically enhance your look.

Getting your strip lashes wet isn’t typically recommended as it can compromise the adhesive holding them in place.

Moisture can weaken the lash glue causing potential loosening or displacement of your fake eyelashes.

Therefore, showering with fake eyelashes on might not necessarily make them ‘pop-off’ instantly but could eventually loosen them, especially if you frequently expose them to water, or have pressure from the shower head harming the lash band.

However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid showers completely while wearing these beautifiers.

A quick rinse without directly splashing water onto your eyes would usually be okay; just remember not to rub or scrub your eye area vigorously as it could dislodge the falsies.

If you plan on taking longer showers, steam baths, or anticipate crying at a wedding ceremony – it might be best to skip wearing them altogether or opt for waterproof lash glue which provides a stronger hold even when exposed to moisture.


How To Dry Lash Extensions Or False Lashes After A Shower?

When showering, it is important to think carefully about how you can best dry your lash extensions or false lashes without damaging them. Firstly, be sure not to rub your face with a towel – the friction might weaken the bond between your natural lashes and the extensions or falsies.

Gently patting dry should be sufficient. Secondly, clean your lash after a shower so that any oils from shampoo or soap do not interfere with the adhesive of the lashes.

Dip a q-tip in lukewarm water and lightly run it along your lash line as this will help clean the excess product from around the eyelashes.

Finally, make sure all of the water evaporates off of your eyelashes, which can take some time but is necessary to ensure they don’t become wet again as that could affect their longevity and wearability. 


Yes, you can shower with false eyelashes on, but there are a few things to bear in mind. To start off, try not to get your lash extensions wet for the first 24–48 hours after application.

Once that period has passed, aim to keep water away from your eyes and face. Opt for lukewarm temperatures instead of hot water; too much heat may weaken the adhesive used during application.

Use protective eyewear such as goggles when taking a shower and gently pat dry them after washing up without rubbing or tugging at them.

Finally, always use oil-free cleansers and makeup removers around the eye area as oils tend to break down lash glue over time.

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