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What Color Cancels Out Green Tones In Hair?

Are you ready to take the plunge and switch up your hair color? If so, then you may be wondering what color cancels out green tones in hair?

It’s a common problem that usually occurs when you dye your hair too many times. But don’t worry, there are ways to help counteract this issue, and I’ll explain them all right here!

What Color Cancels Out Green Tones In Hair?

What Causes Green Tones In Hair?

It’s often the exposure to chlorine in swimming pools that’s responsible for those pesky green tones in your hair.

This common culprit has a way of oxidizing the metals found in water, such as copper, which then bind to the proteins in your strands, leaving you with an undesirable greenish hue.

While chlorine is a primary perpetrator, it isn’t the only reason why you might be noticing green tones in your hair.

The use of color-depositing products or toners that lean towards a blue or green base can also contribute to this issue.

If your hair is blonde or lightened, and you’re using these types of products, there’s a higher risk of developing those unwanted green hues due to the porous nature of lifted hair.

You need to understand what causes green tones in hair, so you can take proactive measures against it.

To prevent this from happening initially, consider investing in a swimmer’s cap or applying conditioner to your locks before taking a dip – this creates a barrier between your tresses and the pool water.

Avoid using color-depositing products with blue or green bases unless specifically advised by a professional hairstylist who fully understands your hair’s needs and color composition.

Stick with purple-based products instead; they’re designed specifically for blondes and are known for combating brassiness without running the risk of turning locks green.

Why Does Bleached Hair Turn Green?

Bleaching your hair removes its natural pigment, leaving it more porous and susceptible to absorbing foreign substances.

This is particularly true when you dive into chlorinated water. Chlorine can bond with the proteins in your strands, causing green tones in blonde hair.

The green hues you see aren’t actually from the chlorine itself but from copper pipes or particles present in swimming pools.

These microscopic metal ions can bind to your locks, creating that undesired tint. That’s how those gorgeous golden tresses can end up looking like seaweed!

Don’t panic, though! There are several ways to combat this phenomenon. Pre-soak your hair with clean water before going for a swim; this’ll help limit the amount of chlorinated water absorbed by your strands.

You could also use a clarifying shampoo post-swimming session—it helps remove mineral deposits and restore shine.

Another handy trick involves ketchup – yes, you read that right! Ketchup contains red pigments which can neutralize those pesky green tones due to its position opposite green on the color wheel.

How To Prevent Your Hair From Turning Green?

How To Prevent Your Hair From Turning Green?

First, you need to understand the reasons behind why hair turns green to help prevent it, before you get issues where your hair gets green undertones.

As explained previously, bleached hair or red hair often takes on a green tone due to exposure to chlorine and other chemicals found in pool water.

In terms of color theory, red is what color cancels out visible green tints in your hair. Using a shampoo or conditioner that has red pigments can counteract the greenish hues.

However, it’s crucial not to overdo it as excessive use may result in pink or purple shades instead of the desired blonde.

Another effective measure to prevent your hair from turning green is by protecting your tresses before you jump into a pool.

Wetting your hair with fresh water before swimming creates a sort of barrier that reduces the absorption of chlorinated water by your hair cuticles. Following this up with an application of leave-in conditioner provides an added level of protection.

Regular rinsing after swimming can also go a long way to prevent greenish hair.

Make sure you thoroughly wash off all traces of chlorine immediately post-swim using clarifying shampoos specifically designed for swimmers’ hair care routine.

What Color Cancels Out Green Tones In Hair?

Hair colorists and stylists are equipped with a secret weapon to combat these green tones – the color theory.

According to this theory, colors opposite each other on the wheel can neutralize each other out. So, what color cancels out green tones in hair? The answer is red hair dye, as a color cancels out green hair.

To neutralize green hair effectively, consider these three steps:

1. Find the Right Shade: You need to find a red tone that matches the intensity of your green hues. If you have dark green patches, go for a darker shade of red; if it’s light green, choose a lighter hue.

2. Apply Conditioner: Before applying any dye, make sure your locks are well-conditioned. This helps protect your strands from potential damage and ensures better absorption of the new color.

3. Use Red-based Hair Products: Incorporate shampoo or conditioners that have reddish pigments into your routine when you wash your hair.

Remember to consult an experienced stylist before making any drastic changes yourself at home. They’ll be able to guide you through this process while minimizing potential risks and damage.

How To Get Rid Of Green Tones In Blonde Hair?

Green tones in blonde hair can be a pesky problem that needs a bit of color theory and some handy products to fix, to get the green tint gone.

Solution Process Outcome
Red Tone Shampoo Apply a generous amount on wet hair, leave for 10–15 minutes before rinsing. Repeat as necessary. The red pigments in the shampoo will neutralize green tones.
Tomato Juice Rinse Apply tomato juice onto your hair and let it sit for about 15–20 minutes before rinsing. The red pigment found in tomatoes helps effectively counteract green hues.
Color Correction at Professional Salon Consult a professional colorist who can help you remove unwanted green tone. They’ll use color-correcting techniques and products to safely restore your original blonde shade.

Remember, the trick lies in understanding that colors opposite each other on the color wheel cancel out each other – in this case, red cancels out green. So using products or ingredients with reddish hues is key to getting rid of those stubborn green tones.

Always rinse out chlorine thoroughly after swimming and consider investing in a shower filter if you have copper pipes which could contribute to developing those undesired shades.

How To Remove Green Tones From Brown Hair?

How To Remove Green Tones From Brown Hair?

There are proven methods to remove green tones from brown hair, and they involve understanding the basics of color theory, to get rid of green out of hair.

Firstly, remember that each color on the color wheel has an opposite or “complementary” color that neutralizes it.

When it comes to what color cancels out green tones in hair, red is your answer. This is because red sits directly opposite of green on the color wheel and these two colors effectively cancel each other out, and the warm tones help prevent green tones.

For brown hair with a green hue, consider using a red-based hair product like a shampoo or conditioner specially formulated for brunettes with unwanted green undertones.

These products typically contain small amounts of red dye that’ll subtly counteract the green tints without drastically altering your original brown shade.

Another method could be using food coloring or temporary dye at home as an emergency fix.

Mix some red food coloring into a conditioner and apply this mixture evenly throughout your mane. Leave it in for about 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

However, if you’re dealing with stubborn shades of emerald embedded deep within your tresses, perhaps due to exposure to chlorine or heavy mineral content in water, professional help might be required. 

Which Hair Dye Color Can Neutralize Green Hair?

If you’re battling with a pesky verdant tint in your locks, choosing a red-based dye is the secret weapon you need.

In color theory, red is the direct opposite of green on the color wheel, which means it can effectively neutralize any unwanted green hues.

To help neutralize green hair, there are three main things to consider:

1. Hair dye color selection: Opt for warm shades like strawberry blonde or copper that have a strong red undertone. These colors will counteract and cancel out those stubborn green pigments.

2. Hair Condition: Make sure your hair is healthy and moisturized as dry or damaged hair may not absorb the dye evenly.

3. Process timing: Leave the color on for enough time so that it penetrates deep into your strands and effectively removes all traces of green.

Does Clarifying Shampoo Fix Green Hair?

While dyeing your hair with a complementary color is an effective method to neutralize green tones, there’s another approach you may want to consider.

Clarifying shampoo, as a deep-cleaning agent, can indeed help fix green hair. It works by stripping away product build-up, minerals, and oils from your hair strands.

Often times, these stubborn green shades are caused by chlorine or mineral deposits in hard water sticking to your locks.

A good clarifying shampoo can assist in removing these residues and restore the natural balance of your tresses.

However, it’s essential to note that while clarifying shampoos may aid in fading the green tones in hair, they’re not always a quick-fix solution. It might take several washes before you notice significant changes.

Due to their strong cleansing properties, using them too often can leave your mane feeling dry or stripped of its natural oils.

So, how should you use them? Start by substituting your regular shampoo with a quality clarifying one every other wash.

Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing out thoroughly, so it gets enough time to break down those stubborn compounds causing the discoloration.

Can Certain Hair Treatments or Products Cause Hair to Turn Green?

Can Certain Hair Treatments or Products Cause Hair to Turn Green?

Certain hair treatments or products can indeed cause your hair to take on a greenish hue.

This is especially true if you’re swimming in chlorinated pools or using copper water pipes at home. Blonde or light-colored hair is particularly susceptible.

To prevent this, always rinse your hair after swimming and consider using a chelating shampoo once a week to remove mineral deposits.

Also, avoid harsh chemicals and opt for natural products to help maintain your desired color.


Green tones in hair can be a tricky problem to tackle, but with the right approach, you can restore your locks back to their original hue.

Make sure you understand what caused them in the first place and take preventive measures, like using a swim cap and pre-soaking your hair with fresh water before swimming.

Also, use color-depositing products or toners that are purple-based as they’re specifically designed for blondes and don’t run the risk of turning your strands green.

To neutralize green tones in blonde hair, consider using a red tone shampoo or making a tomato juice rinse at home.

If nothing works and the hues don’t seem to go away, consult an experienced colorist who’ll help you remove unwanted green tints safe and efficiently.