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Tesla Gigafactory in New York: Bed Bug Infestation Raises Concerns

You might have heard about a supposed bed bug infestation in the Tesla Gigafactory in New York, and if it’s true, it’s raising a lot of concerns.

This Tesla Gigafactory is being built to be the most advanced factory in all of America, and with this report of bed bugs running rampant, many people are rightfully worried that the problems will only continue to get worse.

Bed bug crawling over a mattress protector

What Is the Tesla Gigafactory Bed Bug Situation?

Tesla Gigafactory workers in South Buffalo, NY, have raised concerns about an alleged ongoing bed bug infestation at the facility. They claim that the management’s efforts to address the issue are not only inadequate but also potentially harmful.

Employees have reported the presence of a chemical odor in the air and a white residue on chairs, believed to be applied as a result of the bed bug infestation.

The chemical in question is said to be Steri-Fab, which, according to its website, can be harmful if inhaled or touched before being properly dried.

Feeling the side effects of the chemicals being used, some Tesla workers claim they have supposedly experienced burning eyes, breathing difficulties, dizziness, throat swelling, and nausea. This has allegedly led to employees using their paid time off or sick days to avoid visiting the office.

Pictures from Tesla’s South Buffalo factory show white residue on office furniture, thought to be from the insecticide Steri-Fab. However, some individuals doubt this claim – so be careful with information you read, as a professional pest control company owner expressed that Steri-Fab would not leave behind such residue, and Tesla might be using a different chemical without properly informing workers.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has reportedly received several complaints from Tesla employees regarding this situation and is currently investigating the matter, particularly focusing on the company’s protocols for using chemicals in the office. OSHA has no specific guidelines concerning bed bugs in the workplace.

As the infestation continues, employees are encouraged to have their homes inspected, as bed bugs can easily spread through personal items like furniture, purses, and backpacks. Tesla has not yet provided a public response to these alleged concerns.

close-up image of a bed bug crawling on skin

Why Are Bed Bugs Becoming a Problem in the Tesla Factory?

Several factors can contribute to such an infestation. Here are some plausible explanations:

  • Employee Living Conditions: Bed bugs often spread through human contact and belongings. It’s possible that employees are unknowingly bringing these pests from their homes or public transportation, leading to the infestation at the factory.
  • High Staff Turnover: Tesla factories tend to have a high employee turnover rate. As new employees constantly come and go, they may accidentally introduce bed bugs if these pests are present in their home environments.
  • High Employee Density: Tesla Gigafactories employ a large number of workers. Bed bugs can spread easily in densely populated areas where employees work closely together.
  • Lack of Awareness: It’s possible that employees may not be familiar with bed bugs, or how to prevent an infestation. This lack of knowledge could lead to the unintentional spread of bed bugs.
  • Factory Environmental Conditions: Bed bugs thrive in dark, warm, and cluttered environments. The conditions of certain areas within the factory might inadvertently create a suitable habitat for these pests.

To address the bed bug outbreak, all companies should take proactive measures, such as educating employees on bed bug prevention, providing regular inspections, and maintaining clean workspaces to eliminate any potential breeding grounds for bed bugs.

What Is The Best Plan to Combat the Bed Bug Infestation In A Factory?

Here are the key steps they have implemented to resolve the issue:

  • Inspection and identification: Enlist the help of professional pest control services to thoroughly inspect the factory and pinpoint the sources of the infestation.
  • Employee awareness: You can expect businesses to communicate with their workforce, providing information on bed bugs, their risks, and the preventive measures that employees can take.
  • Treatment: Companies need to be working with pest control experts to administer a comprehensive treatment plan throughout the factory. This includes the use of insecticides, heat treatments, and vacuuming to eliminate bed bugs.
  • Monitoring and follow-up: To ensure the infestation is completely eradicated, monitor the situation closely and conduct follow-up treatments as necessary. Regular inspections after the initial treatment will help to confirm that the factory remains bed bug-free.
  • Preventive measures: Be committed to preventing future infestations by maintaining high cleanliness standards throughout the factory and educating employees on best practices to avoid introducing bed bugs.


It’s important to remember, the alleged Tesla workers that have spoken out about the supposed infestation have remained anonymous, as Tesla requires its workers to sign non-disclosure agreements. Only time will tell if the Tesla bed bug infestation story is true or not.