ColourPop BFF Volumizing Mascara Collection Review / Swatches

12th February 2019

When it comes to ColourPop, I find it very hard to resist their new products as I love the brand so much. ColourPop have really diversified their product range over the last twelve months, but perhaps their most exciting and most eagerly awaited launch was the recent release of the ColourPop BFF…

Mii Cosmetics Brand Spotlight

10th January 2019

I was recently introduced to Mii Cosmetics, and I feel as if I’ve been living underneath a rock as I can’t recall ever seeing anything about them before and they’re not even a new brand. Mii Cosmetics as a brand are all about enhancing one’s natural beauty and having the confidence…

Winky Lux So Extra Velvet Plush Mascara

15th December 2018

I have somewhat of a beauty confession to make. I have never tried anything from Winky Lux before and I had no idea where you could even get their products here in the UK. I’ve seen so much buzz surrounding Winky Lux on social media but I’d never tried anything until…

Talika Lipocils Expert – The 70 Years Collector Edition

28th September 2018

I have moaned about my pathetic eyelashes a number of times here on my blog, but they really are awful. I see some bloggers complain about their lashes, but when they do makeup shots you can clearly see their lashes. My lashes are so short, you can’t see them when looking…

Tweezerman No Mess Mascara Guard

27th June 2018

My lashes are ridiculously short which makes applying mascara a nightmare. You know when you watch YouTube videos and you see the YouTuber mention how short their lashes are yet when they apply mascara, they’re actually not short at all? Well my lashes are very short and straight, and ever since…

Eylure Blend and Care False Eyelash Blender

1st June 2018

If you wear false lashes you’ll know that they can look very obviously fake and it’s hard to blend them in with your natural lashes. Eylure have created a product to try and help our false lashes look more blended and has been made in collaboration with Lucy and Lydia. The Eylure…