15 Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now!

Are you tired of chasing hair care myths? Let's debunk the top 15 hair myths, helping you invest wisely in your hair care routine and avoid common misconceptions.

Think plucking gray hairs causes more to grow? It's a myth! Gray hair is all about genetics and the aging process, not how often you pluck.

Gray Hair & Plucking

Brushing your hair 100 times a day doesn't equal healthier locks. Over-brushing can actually damage your hair, causing more harm than good.

Brushing Your Hair 100 Times

Washing your hair too often can lead to more oil, not less. Learn the right balance for washing your hair to maintain its natural health and shine.

Washing & Oiliness

No product can repair split ends; trimming is the only real fix. Also, constantly changing shampoos isn't the key to healthier hair—finding the right one is.

Split Ends & Shampoo

Contrary to popular belief, eating bread crusts won't make your hair curly. Hair texture is determined by genetics, not your diet. Let's bust this myth together!

Diet & Hair Texture

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