5 Step Process To Banish Bed Bugs From Your Home

Have you discovered bed bugs in your home?

Don't panic! I'm going to share five different ways to get rid of bed bugs and bed bug eggs from your home.

WHy do i have bed bugs in my home?

Bed bugs often enter homes through luggage, used furniture, or clothing, thriving in places where people sleep and attracted by warmth and carbon dioxide.

5 Step Process To Banish Bed Bugs From Your Home

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Heat Treatment: Expose infested items to high temperatures, around 120°F or higher, to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

Insecticides: Apply EPA-approved insecticides specifically designed to kill bed bugs, focusing on hiding spots like mattress seams.

Steam Cleaning: Use a steam cleaner to treat mattresses, couches, and other non-washable items, as steam can penetrate deep and kill bed bugs and eggs.

Diatomaceous Earth: Spread food-grade diatomaceous earth around infested areas. It dehydrates and kills bed bugs upon contact.

Vacuuming: Rigorously vacuum all areas including mattresses, furniture, and floors to physically remove bed bugs and their eggs. Dispose of the vacuum contents in a sealed bag outside.

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