6 Bed Bug Myths Debunked

The bed bug crisis is serious due to their rapid reproduction, resistance to many pesticides, ability to hide in tiny spaces, and the psychological and physical health impacts of their bites.

Why Is The Bed Bug Crisis So Serious?

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6 Bed Bug Myths Debunked

Myth: Bed bugs only infest dirty places. Truth: Cleanliness isn't a factor; they are attracted to blood, not dirt. 

Myth: Bed bugs transmit diseases. Truth: There's no evidence they spread diseases to humans. 

Myth: Bed bugs can't be seen by the naked eye. Truth: Adult bed bugs are visible, about the size of an apple seed. 

Myth: Bed bugs only live in beds. Truth: They can live in furniture, clothing, and even electronics. 

Myth: You can get rid of bed bugs by leaving your house for a few days. Truth: Bed bugs can survive months without feeding.  

Myth: DIY methods alone can fully eradicate bed bugs. Truth: Professional extermination is often needed for complete removal.