Detecting Bed Bugs: Signs Your Mattress May Be Infested

Think detecting bed bugs is easy? Think again! Bed bugs are masters of hide-and-seek, making them hard to spot. Knowing the signs is crucial for early detection.

Signs of Infestation Look for tiny blood spots, dark fecal matter, and shed skins on your mattress. These are classic indicators of bed bug presence.

What's That Smell? A musty odor can signal a bed bug infestation. If your mattress smells off, it's time for a closer inspection.

Bite Patterns Notice linear bite marks on your skin when you wake up? They could be a sign that bed bugs are feasting at night.

Inspection Techniques Use a flashlight to check mattress seams, tags, and crevices. Spotting bed bugs requires a keen eye and thorough inspection.

Prevention and Early Detection Regularly inspecting your mattress and using protective encasements can prevent bed bugs from turning your bed into their home.

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