Do THIS To Kill Bed Bugs Instantly!

Are You Looking For Affordable Methods To Kill Bed Bugs Without Paying For Pest Control?

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of, and they manage to find the most amazing hiding places. But there are some ways to kill bed bugs instantly, on a budget!

Apply heat over 120°F using a steamer to instantly kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact in bedding, curtains, and furniture.

Use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to directly target and kill visible bed bugs on surfaces.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around bed frames and mattress edges; its abrasive texture dehydrates and kills bed bugs.

Vacuum your entire living space thoroughly and frequently to remove bed bugs and eggs from carpets, furniture, and mattresses.

Wash all fabrics, including bedding and clothing, in hot water and dry on the highest heat setting to kill bed bugs.

Seal up cracks and crevices with caulk to eliminate bed bug hiding spots and prevent further infestation.

Make a natural spray with diluted tea tree oil and water, and apply it to infested areas to effectively kill bed bugs.