Does Baking Soda Kill Bed Bug Eggs?


Bed bugs have a 5-stage life cycle, from eggs to nymphs, maturing in 4-5 weeks. They molt at each stage, requiring a blood meal. Adults can live over a year, with females laying hundreds of eggs.

What do bed bug eggs look like?

Bed bug eggs are tiny (about 1mm), pearly white, and oval-shaped, often found in clusters in hidden areas like mattress seams.

Does Baking Soda Kill Bed Bug Eggs?

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Absorptive Properties: Baking soda can absorb moisture from bed bug eggs, potentially dehydrating them.

Physical Disruption: Sprinkling baking soda around nesting areas may physically disrupt the eggs, hindering development.

Inaccessible Places: Baking soda can reach tiny cracks and crevices where eggs are often laid, targeting hidden infestations.

Prolonged Exposure: Continuous exposure to baking soda might weaken the eggs' structure, leading to their destruction.

Efficacy in Combination: When used with other methods, baking soda can contribute to eliminating eggs and bed bugs.

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