Does Vicks Prevent Bed Bug Bites?


What Smells Do Bed Bugs Hate?

Bed bugs dislike the smells of peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and eucalyptus oils, as well as the scent of rubbing alcohol, clove, and neem oils, which can act as natural repellents.

Does Vicks Prevent Bed Bug Bites?

Vicks VapoRub, with its strong menthol scent, can act as a deterrent against bed bugs, potentially preventing bites by masking the scents that attract them.

Where Should You Apply Vicks To Repel Bed Bugs?

To repel bed bugs, apply Vicks VapoRub on bed frames, mattress edges, and other areas where bed bugs are likely to hide or crawl, but avoid applying directly on skin for this purpose.

Can Vicks VapoRub Stop Bed Bug Bites From Itching?

Yes, Vicks VapoRub can provide temporary relief from itching due to its menthol and eucalyptus oil content, which have a cooling and soothing effect on bed bug bites.

Best Natural Treatments for Keeping Bed Bugs at Bay

To naturally keep bed bugs at bay, use diatomaceous earth, essential oils like lavender or peppermint, regular vacuuming, steam cleaning, and maintaining a clutter-free environment.