Found A Bed Bug, Should I Toss My Mattress?

Have you discovered bed bugs in your bed, and you're now worried about what you should do with your mattress?

If You Find One Bed Bug, Does It Mean You Have More?

Finding one bed bug often indicates more are present, as they are rarely solitary and tend to live in groups, especially in established infestations.

Found A Bed Bug, Should I Toss My Mattress?

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It depends: You don't need to discard your mattress immediately upon finding a bed bug.

High Heat Washing: Wash and dry clothing and bedding at high temperatures to kill bed bugs and their eggs effectively.

Use Encasements: Mattress and box spring encasements trap bed bugs inside, preventing further infestation.

Infestation Assessment: Before taking drastic measures, determine if it's a single bed bug or a full-blown infestation through careful examination of your bedding, furniture, and nearby areas.

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