How Long Do Bed Bugs Survive?

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Bed bugs undergo five nymph stages before becoming adults, each requiring a blood meal to progress. Their life cycle, from egg to adult, spans about 6-8 weeks, with adults living up to a year.

Shocking Life Cycle Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs primarily feed on human blood, but can also survive on the blood of other mammals and birds when necessary.

What Do Bed Bugs Eat?

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How Long Do Bed Bugs Survive?

Without Feeding: Can live about 20-400 days, depending on conditions. 

Adults: Typically live for 4-6 months, but can survive over a year in favorable conditions. 

Temperature Influence: Thrive in temperatures between 70°F and 80°F; lifespan decreases in extreme temperatures. 

With Regular Feeding: Regular access to blood meals can extend their life. 

Nymphs (Juveniles): Require frequent blood meals to molt and progress through 5 stages over several weeks. 

Dormancy in Cold: Can enter a semi-dormant state in cold temperatures, slowing metabolism and prolonging survival.