How To Avoid Bed Bugs When Using Public Transport

Stay bug-free on the go! Discover essential tips for avoiding bed bugs on public transport. Learn simple, effective strategies to protect yourself and keep these pesky hitchhikers at bay.

Why Are Bed Bugs A Risk When Using Public Transport?

Bed bugs pose a risk on public transport due to their ability to hitchhike on clothing and luggage, spreading from infested areas to new locations, including homes.

Top 5 High-Risk Public Transports for Bed Bugs 

1. City Buses 2. Subway Trains 3. Taxis 4. Ride-Sharing Vehicles 5. Long-Distance Coaches

How To Avoid Bed Bugs When Using Public Transport

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Travel Light: Minimize belongings to reduce hiding places for bed bugs.

Inspect Seating: Quickly check seats for signs of bed bugs before sitting.

Use Hard Luggage: Opt for hard-shelled suitcases which are less inviting for bed bugs.

Avoid Contact: Keep bags and clothing away from fabric surfaces and other passengers’ items.

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