How To Check A New Apartment For Bed Bugs

When you move into a new apartment, it's vital you do a bed bug check before moving in your belongings

Not checking a new apartment for bed bugs before moving in risks unknowingly inheriting an infestation, leading to costly and stressful pest control efforts and potential health concerns.

What Happens If You Don't Check A New Apartment For Bed Bugs, Before Moving In?

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How To Check A New Apartment For Bed Bugs

Inspect Beds and Furniture: Look at seams, crevices, and under cushions for signs of bed bugs.

Examine Walls and Carpets: Check for bed bug fecal spots, eggs, or live insects.

Look Behind Wall Art and Mirrors: Bed bugs can hide in these less obvious places.

Use a Flashlight: Illuminate hidden areas for better visibility.

Smell Test: Detect any musty, sweet odors, a sign of larger infestations.

Check Curtains and Drapes: Bed bugs often reside in fabric folds.

Consult Management: Ask if there have been previous bed bug issues in the apartment.

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