How To Check Your Carpet For Bed Bugs

When it comes to bed bugs, you need to check your carpets and soft furnishings, and not just your beds.

Bed bugs enter carpets seeking hiding spots close to their human hosts. They are attracted by warmth and carbon dioxide and can be brought in through infested furniture, clothing, or luggage.

How do bed bugs end up in your carpet?

How To Check Your Carpet For Bed Bugs

Examine the edges and corners of your carpet, especially along baseboards and under furniture.

Look for tiny, reddish-brown bed bugs or small, white eggs.

Check for tiny blood spots or dark fecal stains, which are signs of their presence.

Use a flashlight to inspect deep within the carpet fibers.

Consider using a magnifying glass to spot smaller bugs or eggs.

If possible, lift the edges of the carpet to inspect the underside for bed bugs.

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