How To Check Your Cruise Cabin For Bed Bugs

Did you know, bed bugs are very common on cruises?


Bed bugs are common on cruise ships due to the high turnover of passengers, close quarters, and shared sleeping areas, providing ample opportunity for these pests to spread and thrive.

You need to be viligant for bed bugs, as you don't want to bring bed bugs home, from you cruise vacation.

How To Check Your Cruise Cabin For Bed Bugs


Inspect the bed: Examine the mattress, especially seams and tags, for bed bugs or their signs.

Check bed linens: Look for small bloodstains or dark fecal spots on sheets and pillowcases.

Examine the headboard: Carefully scrutinize crevices and joints for any hidden bed bugs.

Look at upholstered furniture: Couches and chairs in the cabin can also harbor bed bugs.

Check curtains and carpets: These areas can be secondary hiding spots for bed bugs.

Use a flashlight: A bright light helps to spot bed bugs or their eggs in dark areas.

Be thorough: Take your time to inspect all potential hiding places to ensure a bed bug-free stay.