How To Make A DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Bed Bug Spray

To Kill Bed Bugs Quickly

If you have bed bugs in your home, you don't have to use expensive chemicals to kill bed bugs.

Apple cider vinegar is safer for humans and pets, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and can be effective for small infestations, reducing reliance on potentially harmful chemicals.

Benefits Of Using Apple Cider Vinegar Over Chemicals For Killing Bed Bugs

How To Make A DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Bed Bug Spray

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Gather Ingredients: You'll need apple cider vinegar, water, and an optional few drops of essential oil like tea tree or lavender for added effectiveness and scent.

Mix Vinegar and Water: Combine equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle. This mixture is the base of your spray.

Add Essential Oils: Enhance the mixture with a few drops of your chosen essential oil. These oils can increase the repellent effect and provide a pleasant aroma.

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