Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs With This Easy-To-Make DIY Spray

Discover a natural and cost-effective solution to your bed bug woes. Learn how to create a DIY bed bug spray that's easy to make and effective in keeping your home pest-free.

Identify your enemy: Bed bugs are small, oval, reddish-brown insects. Spotting them or their signs, like fecal spots or shed skins, is crucial for effective treatment.

Prevention is key: Regularly inspect and clean your living spaces. Use vacuuming and clutter reduction as your first line of defense against these sneaky pests.

Mix vinegar or rubbing alcohol with water and add essential oils like lavender or tea tree. This potent blend disrupts bed bugs' nervous systems and repels them naturally.

Spray liberally on infested areas. Reapply to tackle bed bug eggs. For a stronger impact, consider adding diatomaceous earth or baking soda to your pest control arsenal.

If the infestation persists or is widespread, it's wise to seek professional pest control. They offer tailored solutions and thorough treatments to ensure your home is bed bug-free.