Vaseline And Baking Soda For Wrinkles

Does It Work?

Everyone knows that Vaseline has lots of beauty benefits for the skin.

But, what happens when you add baking soda to Vaseline?

Vaseline acts as a skin moisturizer, heals minor cuts and burns, prevents chafing, and can be used as a lip balm. It can also be applied on lashes for a fuller look, and as a highlighter for a dewy finish.

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Baking soda exfoliates skin, unclogs pores, softens calluses, and neutralizes odors. It can also brighten dark spots, soothe rashes, and potentially aid in minor acne treatment.  


Vaseline And Baking Soda For Wrinkles - Does It Work?


Yes, the combination of Vaseline and baking soda can help with wrinkles. Vaseline locks in moisture, promoting skin hydration, while baking soda exfoliates dead skin cells, promoting new skin growth. This duo may provide a smoother, more youthful appearance.

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