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Fix Your Crooked Eyelashes in Seconds with These Quick and Easy Tips

Do you have eyelashes that look less than perfect after an unsuccessful attempt at applying mascara? Are your eyelashes looking a bit crooked or wonky? Don’t worry! In this article, you’ll learn the best tips and tricks on how to fix crooked eyelashes?

Woman with crooked natural eyelashes

Why Are Natural Lashes So Fragile?

Natural eyelashes are incredibly fragile due to their delicate structure. Eyelashes grow from the follicle coming out of the skin and attaching to the outer edge of our eyes.

This means they have a shorter lifespan than many other hairs on our body, such as those in the scalp, which can live for up to seven years. The eyelash itself is made of proteins and is thinner and less rigid than a regular strand of hair.

It also grows much faster than regular hair, about 6 weeks versus 4 months or longer for scalp hairs. As a result, their life cycle is much quicker and daily wear and tear takes its toll due to movements like blinking or rubbing your eyes.

Eyelashes tend to be exposed more easily to environmental factors such as dust particles, dirt or just general air pollution that can damage them over time, even further reducing their lifespan.

Causes Of Crooked Eyelashes

Crooked eyelashes, otherwise known as “trichiasis” are caused by a variety of factors. They can range from environmental and lifestyle causes to genetic causes—all of which lead to your eyelashes becoming bent or twisted.

Common environmental and lifestyle causes include excessive rubbing or pulling off your lashes, frequent use of lash extensions, poor hygiene leading to overgrowth of bacteria around the eye area, or abrasive makeup removers that are too harsh for delicate skin.

Genetic causes may not be easily apparent, but can still cause trichiasis. A common genetic disorder such as Distichia occurs when two rows of eyelashes grow out the same pilosebaceous unit on the edge of your eyelid, rather than just one row.

It is usually seen in both eyes and cannot be reversed without surgery. In rare cases, tumors inside the lid may also cause curling or bending lashes due to their size and shape pressing against them while they grow.

Having crooked lashes can also be triggered by chronic illness such as asthma, allergies, diabetes and thyroid disease among many others.

These illnesses create an imbalance in hormone levels which affects hair follicles, resulting in distorting growth patterns for eyelashes as well as other areas like eyebrows and scalp hair.

Blepharitis—a condition where the inflammation along the edge of your lids disrupts their normal functioning—can cause lash curling due to improper lubrication during blinking.

Causing repeated stress on these fragile hairs, leading them to lose their original shape over time for some people who suffer from this condition.

Woman with crooked eyelashes

How To Prevent Crooked Eyelashes From Sleeping

Sleeping with makeup on and not giving your natural lashes a break from daily application of synthetic individual eyelashes can lead to crooked and bent lashes.

To prevent this, it is important to make sure the eyelids are fully clean before going to bed each night.

Wearing an eye mask when sleeping can provide a physical barrier that helps protect the delicate structure of the natural lashes from getting crushed between your face and pillow.

Make sure you also use a silk or cotton pillowcase, as these materials are less likely to cause lash damage than man-made fabrics such as polyester and nylon.

Lastly, applying Vaseline to your eyelashes, or coconut oil around the eye area can reduce friction against the skin while providing some nourishment to your natural lashes overnight.

How To Prevent Crooked Eyelashes From Using Eyelash Curlers?

Eyelash curlers can be powerful tools for creating perfectly curled lashes that enhance the eye shape and add drama to any look.

However, if used incorrectly, it can cause your lashes to appear bent or crimped. To ensure your eyelashes remain straight, here are some tips to help you keep them looking their best.

Always make sure you’re using a clean and in working condition eyelash curler before applying it to your eyes. If it looks bent, rusty or has any debris on it, discard it immediately as this could potentially damage your lashes.

When placing the curler or heated lash curler against your lash roots, use gentle pressure and hold for no more than 5 seconds at a time.

Keep your heated curler or mechanical curler away from the tips of your lashes, as this will create an unnatural curl and/or clump when mascara is applied later on.

An additional step many makeup professionals recommend is running a cotton swab with alcohol along the edges of the curler after each use to clean off makeup residue or bacteria that may have been picked up during application, which could be damaging down the line when used again without proper cleaning first.

Eyelash curling should also come last in your beauty routine so that mascara has already set on your lashes—this gives us an extra layer of protection should any pieces of excess product end getting caught accidentally while lifting our staples.

Lastly, remember never to pull down hard on individual pieces when squeezing its arm shut because although we want those tight corners we must do so cautiously, so we don’t have an issue with permanently bending them out-of-shape.

Woman with brown eyes and short natural eyelashes

How To Fix Crooked Eyelashes?

If you find that your eyelashes are crooked, don’t worry – there’s a fix for that! The first thing you should do is to apply lash primer. This will help lubricate your eyelashes and make them easier to straighten out.

After applying the primer, use an eyelash brush or mascara wand to straighten your lashes. Gently comb through the lashes and brush in a downward motion.

If your eyes are especially sensitive, it may be best to use a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush instead of an eyelash brush, as this could be too harsh on the delicate eye area.

Once you have brushed out the lashes, if they still appear crooked, you may need to look into getting eyelash extensions or false lashes.

These can help give your natural lashes extra oomph, so they stay in place all day long without needing any additional brushing or styling.

You can also purchase special curved tools designed specifically for reshaping your own natural lashes if you’d like to try and straighten them on your own before investing in any extensions.

When using either kind of tool, it’s important to remember not to overdo it; having perfectly uniform and overly straightened lashes isn’t ideal, either.

Just gently sweep the tool along each hair until it volumizes and bends back into place naturally and evenly across all of your eyes’ natural curves.

When done properly, with light strokes along each lash line, this technique should enable you to get your curls back in line without causing any damage.

If needed, use a small dab of eye makeup remover when reshaping the ends for a softer finish – just be sure not wipe off any product already applied beforehand.

How To Use A Cotton Swab To Fix Bent Lashes

Begin by taking a look at your lash line and seeing which eyelashes are sticking up or standing out from the rest.

Then, take a cotton swab and first make sure it’s clean and dry before you start. Once you have done this, you can use the swab to gently press down on any unruly lashes that are extending away from the lash line.

This step may need to be repeated several times in order for the lashes to lay flat against the actual lash line.

If your eyelashes are naturally long and curly, you may want to try using a dab of mascara on your cotton swab before pressing down so that they remain as close together as possible.

How To Use A Damp Cloth To Fix Bent Eyelashes

It sounds simple, but there are actually a few steps involved for the best results to straighten out your bent eyelashes with a dampened cloth.

First, wet the cloth with warm water and wring it out completely. Then place the damp cloth over the affected area on your eyelid and hold it there for several seconds.

This moist heat will help relax the lashes so that they are easier to shape again.

Next, carefully use an eyebrow comb or clean mascara wand to shape your lash lines and gently press down on them with your fingertip to make them straight again.

Afterward, you should take extra care of your lashes by avoiding excessive rubbing or pulling when removing makeup, as this will further damage them.

Regularly using moisturizers and natural oils like coconut oil can help fortify them against breakage in future episodes of bent lashes.

Woman with brown eyes and short natural eyelashes

Can You Use Tweezers For Fixing Crooked Eyelashes?

Yes, you can use tweezers for fixing crooked eyelashes. They are a great tool for this purpose because they allow you to be precise and to make the necessary adjustments without harming your natural lashes.

Tweezers come in several sizes, so it’s important to choose ones that fit your needs correctly.

When using tweezers to fix crooked lashes, start by making sure that all of the eyelashes are clean and free from any debris or makeup residue before attempting to make any corrections.

Next, place the tip of your tweezers at the base of the lash and gently tighten it until there is no more slack in the hair strand.

This will help keep them straight when you apply pressure with the closed tips of your tweezer.

Then slowly line up each adult lash one by one and press down firmly but not too hard as this could cause damage or breakage of those delicate baby hairs.

After finishing each one, carefully dispose of the old hair into a garbage bin or tissue paper so that they don’t fall back onto your eye area, causing irritation or infection.

Once all of your main lashes are in order and looking neat; comb through them with an old mascara wand or spoolie brush (or a clean finger) if needed.

Doing this helps create even more natural-looking results, while also guaranteeing that all stray hairs have been accounted for, and will get your lashes back in line.


Crooked eyelashes can be caused by a variety of factors, from environmental and lifestyle causes to genetic ones.

To prevent them, make sure to clean your eyelids regularly before bedtime and use an eye mask to keep your lashes safe while you sleep. Taking care when applying mascara or lash extensions can also help reduce the risk of crookedness.

If your lashes are already unruly, try using an eyelash brush or mascara wand to brush out any bending.

If that doesn’t work, consider investing in some falsies or lash extensions for more dramatic results that will last longer. Alternatively, tweezers and cotton swabs may do the trick if used correctly – just remember not to overdo it.