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My name is Gemma, and I’m the owner of Gemma Etc, where I write all the blog posts myself.

I originally started Gemma Etc. back in December 2012, where the blog was originally named Miss Makeup Magpie. I rebranded my blog from Miss Makeup Magpie to Gemma Etc. in April 2017, as I wanted to share more varied content, and felt a little limited by having the word “makeup” within my blog name. 

I have been a beauty obsessive for as long as possible, and even worked in a beauty store way before starting my own beauty website.

I have been a beauty writer for 12 years now, and I’ve reviewed thousands of beauty products over those twelve years, from affordable drugstore beauty products to the most luxurious higher-end beauty products.

I love trying new makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrance products, and sharing my honest thoughts on those products.

When I’m not testing new products, I love trying out all of the lastest beauty hacks, which I enjoy sharing here on Gemma Etc. As well as writing on Gemma Etc, I have also written for other beauty publications online, too, like LuxPlus Magazine and Beauty Chamber.

Gemma Etc. has been shortlisted for both a Cosmopolitan Blog Award and a Johnson & Johnson Journalism Award, and I really hope you enjoy reading my helpful beauty content I share with you.

Beauty Review Examples

Here are some examples of the indepth, honest and helpful beauty reviews you can enjoy reading, here on

Beauty Preferences

Skin Tone: Pale with a cool undertone.

Skin Type: Dry and dehydrated.

Hair: Long, brunette and fine.

Favorite Beauty Brands: Victoria Beckham Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, NARS, ROEN Beauty and Natasha Denona.

Contact Details

You can find me on social media via the following links: Pinterest / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Should you wish to contact me, my email is:

Do you have a beauty question you’d like answering? I can answer all of your beauty questions right here.

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