My name is Gemma, I’m 30 and I am a super pale-skinned beauty obsessive. You’ll often find me daydreaming about all of the lovely things in life. I recently rebranded and changed my blog name from to as I found that I’d outgrown Miss Makeup Magpie over the four years I’ve been blogging, and I’m excited to feature more varied content.

Skin Tone: Very pale with a pink undertone and freckles.

Skin Type: Dry and dehydrated yet blemish prone.

Hair: Long, Brunette, Fine & Lots of it!

Favourite Beauty Brands: Highend; Too Faced, Tarte, NARS, YSL, Giorgio Armani and Urban Decay. Drugstore; ColourPop, Essence, Makeup Revolution and Barry M.

+ When did you start blogging?
On the 16th of December 2012. I was until the 5th of April 2017, when I rebranded to

+ Why don’t you do face swatches?
I get asked this all the time and the simple answer is that I’m very shy and self conscious. There are thousands of bloggers who take amazing face swatch photos but sadly I’m not one of them, but I have massive respect for anyone that has the confidence to do them. Maybe one day I’ll feel comfortable enough in my own skin to reveal my flaws and do them but it’s just not something I feel comfortable doing.

+ Who did your Blogger to WordPress migration?
I did my move from Blogger to WordPress via Pipdig. I did a lot of research into migrating, and Pipdig’s fees were considerably lower than anyone else, and I didn’t have any downtime whilst the migration took place. Pipdig made the move so seamless and stress-free, and I just wish I’d taken the plunge sooner as it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

+ What camera do you use?
I now use the Olympus PEN E-PL7 for all of my photos, but I used a Nikon D5100 and D3200 prior to January 2016.

+ Do you use Studio Lighting?
Yes! I have tried six different types/sets of Studio Lighting since I began blogging. I used to use two small studio lamps with 135 watts bulbs but I recently upgraded my studio lighting and now I have this set of Studio Lighting Softboxes and I chose this specific set as each softbox contains four bulbs so they’re super bright and affordable. What I love about these is that for the majority of my photos I can just one of them which is a lot more convenient than having to set them both up, but I like that I have the choice of using them both if I wish too.

+ What background do you use for your photos?

I am obsessed with the amazing Photoboards. I spent a lot of money on many different backgrounds such as rugs, throws, wallpaper and tiles but nothing compares to the quality of the Photoboards, and they have so many amazing designs. I currently have seven of their designs; Drift, Coast, Cabin, Marble, Bijoux, Sea Salt and Breeze, and I will be adding more designs to my collection. I bought all of my boards myself with my own money, and would wholeheartedly recommend them if you’re looking for high quality boards for your backgrounds. I love that they’re not pieces of vinyl or material so they never crease, and I’m delighted with the results when using them.

If you’d like to contact me for any reason or you have a question you’d like to ask me, you can either email on; or tweet me @GemmaEtc

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