Keepr’s Honey Lovers Gift Box

8th February 2020

If you know someone that absolutely loved gin, and they love honey, the Keepr’s Honey Lovers Gift Box would make an incredible gift. I hadn’t ever heard of Keepr as a brand before, but they’re The British Honey Company and were founded back in 2014 in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire in the…

PaMu Scroll By Padmate Wireless Earphones Review

4th February 2020

Ever since I got my iPhone XS Max a year ago, I’ve just used the earphones that came with the phone, and they’re awful. They get so tangled up, the sound isn’t great, and they fall out of my ears repeatedly. I’ve been wanting some wireless earphones for some time, but…

Gtech MYO Touch Massage Bed Review

9th January 2020

I’m loving being able to talk about more lifestyle stuff on my blog, and today I have a product which is just perfect for those of us that have health related New Year’s resolutions and goals. From a blogger’s perspective, my inbox is full of emails focusing on fresh starts and…

Bauer Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle

3rd January 2020

Whenever I buy a beauty product, I generally always share it here on my blog once I’ve given it a good try so I can let you know my thoughts and if I’d recommend it. I am enjoying sharing more lifestyle content, so when I bought the Bauer Rechargeable Electric Hot…

Best Places to Buy Blog Photo Backgrounds

2nd January 2020

If you own a blog, I can pretty much guarantee you’ve been stressed at least once about photo backgrounds. A nice background makes such a difference to blog photos, and when you’re photographing beauty products, you want the clearest of backgrounds possible. Since I started blogging seven years ago, I’ve tried…

Festive Food, Treats and Drinks Guide 2019

21st December 2019

I have shared lots of Christmas gift ideas here on my blog over the last eight weeks and it’s been so much fun, especially sharing some more lifestyle gifts rather than just beauty gifts like I do other years. I also shared a big post of Under £10 stocking filler ideas,…